14 September 2006

I Love Ebay

Ebay is my friend!  I have made a few purchases here and there and always felt like I got a good deal, but tonight, I made money!  I'm so excited that I had to share!

I listed a lot of 21 items that had been Lukas' from last fall/winter.  They don't fit him anymore, obviously.  I was hoping to get between $1-2 per item, but that is not the case this time.  God has truly blessed us with a sale that is almost double of what I was hoping for.  Once again, we have been given an unexpected blessing.

Personally, I would not have paid what this person paid for 21 items of used clothing.  I don't even think she got a great deal.  I almost feel guilty, but it isn't my fault that this person bid so high.    I will say that Lukas takes very good care of his clothes.  He has never liked getting messy, so if he gets a spot on his clothes, he takes it off immediately so that I can treat the stain.  They are in great shape because of this.  Anyway...

I think I may have ebay fever now.  I've never had a sale this great before.  Anyone have anything for me to sell? 

I love ebay!

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