05 September 2006


"Mmmmdrrrr."  This is the "word" Lukas read this morning.  It fascinates me that as soon as I taught him how letters blend together to create words, he immediately started reading.  The sounds he is working on this week are m, d, and r (I'll bet you couldn't have guessed that).  I had to explain to him three times that I only wanted him to read each individual sound.  After that he got to read some real words.  He learned to read several new words today, including Mom and Dad(these are the most important words you know).  I was so proud of him!  He didn't even hesitate.

So I figure that some of you probably want me to write about something besides my children now and then, and I promise you that I will do that from time to time.  But...I will also use this blog as a place to brag about my kiddos more often than I should.  I'm guilty as charged; I am a proud mommy.    Afterall, my baby is learning to read!  Can you believe that?  I surely can't.   The time flies so quickly!  I think that bragging about them helps me to treasure each special moment a little more, so I hope you can humor me by reading about our two precious kiddos from time to time.

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