23 October 2006

Deep Conversations with Ava

Actual Conversations I have had with Ava recently...

1.  "Are we goin to the firecracker?"  "Yes, Ava, we are going to the chiropractor."

2.  "Are we goin swimmin?  Cuz I need goshels (goggles) so da wadder won't get in my eyes."

     "I'll keep that in mind the next time we go swimming."

     "Well, we need to go swimmin in our socks."

     "What?  We don't go swimming with our socks on."

     "Oh, Yes!   I think dat's a great idea!  We go swimmin in our socks."

3.  "What's that picture?"

     "That's a picture of a lighthouse, and the hands in the background are Jesus' hands reaching down to us."

     "Oh!  Let's skadoo and go see Jesus!"

     "Sweetheart, we can't skadoo."

     "Yes we can.  Blue skadoos!"

     "No, skadooing is just for pretend.  Only Blue and Joe and Steve can skadoo."

4.  Three days later...

     "Daddy, dat's Jesus' hands, and we can't skadoo."

     Eric looks at me as if to say, "What in the world is she talking about?"  I explain the above conversation. 

5.  After seeing her sunflower craft hanging next to Lukas' sunflower craft...

     "Oh no!  My flower is not wonderful."  (emphasis on WONderFUL)

     "Yes it is!  You're flower is beautiful!"

     "But is not wonderful Mommy.  I need to color it more."

     So I took it off the window and let her color until she was satisified and could say that her flower was "wonderful."

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