23 November 2006


It seems that everyone has been talking and blogging about the things they have to be thankful for.  Why not?  It's that time of year, right?  No!  It isn't the time of year to focus on being thankful.  The Bible doesn't suggest a specific time of year when we should all be thankful to God.  We should be living lives of thankfulness for every blessing that God gives us.  It's an extension of the lives of worship that we should be living out day after day.  I know that many of the people who read my blog live out that very lifestyle, but it truly saddens me to think of all the people who only pause to say thank you this time of year.

And who are they thanking?  Who is the atheist thanking when they travel across the country to have Thanksgiving dinner with their family?  That's what saddens me the most.  They believe that there is no God to thank for the blessings they have, and still, God blesses them with health, wealth, family, and other things.  Isn't God great?  He loves us even when we aren't willing to acknowledge Him.

So...off my soapbox and onto yesterday's festivities.  We had a GREAT day!  I got up early to stuff the turkey and put it in the oven, and then I went back to bed for a little while.  We sat and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade together.  The kids loved this!  It's special to me because I used to watch it with my grandfather when I was a little girl, and I love extending that tradition to my little ones.

We hosted my parents, sister and family, Eric's parents, and the best surprise of the day, my dear friend Dustin who I haven't seen in at least 6 years.  He was in our wedding 8 1/2 years ago, and after that we saw him a couple times before he seemed to disappear.  I had no idea that he was coming, and I was thrilled to see him!  My kids had so much fun with him too.  He played with them outside and spun them around until they were so dizzy they couldn't walk straight, and so they thought he was the best adult around.  Ava actually cried when he left.  I hope he comes back again soon.  I feel like I've found my long-lost brother!

The meal was good, but the time with family was even better.  Everyone hung out afterwards for several hours and just visited and had a nice time.  Of course, they had to hang out for a while so that they could make room for dessert after the meal we ate! 

I have included a smilebox of our day for you all.  I hope you enjoy the pictures! 

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