14 January 2007

Chia Pets

Chia Pets are gross.  I know I left you hanging yesterday, but I didn't have time to write the whole story.  If you've never had a Chia Pet, then read on!  I had no hopes or dreams of acquiring a Chia Pet, but Lukas received a Chia Scooby Doo for Christmas.  He loves it!

The first thing you have to do is soak the seeds for 24 hours, and after they have been in the water for that long, they are a slimy, gooey substance that is kind of like mucous with seeds.  Sorry.  That's the best description I can offer.  You can see why this is gross.

After spreading the slime all over Scooby, we put a plastic bag over him to create a greenhouse effect (this is a great science project, afterall).  He sprouted hair on his ears by the next morning.  The "hair" looked a lot like tiny little white worms stuck in goo to me, but Lukas and Ava were thrilled to see it.  

Now the hair is turning green and looking a little more plant-like than worm-like, but the slime is still there and looking a little fuzzy and gray now.  Yuck.
To make this worse, Scooby will only sprout his Chia afro for a maximum of 2 weeks before I'm supposed to scrape it off.  Otherwise, it will rot and start to smell and be very difficult to clean up, according to the packaged directions.  Anyway, I'm not hoping to start over right away.  I'd like to free my countertop from the slimy mess for a while before attempting to grow another head of Chia hair.  We'll see what happens!
Gotta make this post green in honor of the Chia. 

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