29 March 2007

Too Much Stuff

Lukas started playing soccer this week.  I took some photos at his first practice, of course.  I was the only parent there with a camera, but do I really care?  Nope.  I am a dedicated scrapbooker.  I had to have pics of the first practice!  Check out the smilebox here for pics of soccer practice as well as a few others that I took the other day. 
Soccer practice has gotten me thinking about so much this week.  Right now, Lukas is only playing soccer.  In the fall, we're planning to start piano lessons for him and dance for Ava if everything works out.  If Lukas plays on the fall soccer league, that's a lot of planning and a lot of time in the van. 
Our kids are young.  How much extra "stuff" do they really need to be doing at this stage?  I'm  not sure that I know the answer to that.  I just know that I don't want to be the mom who spends half my life in a mini-van.  Honestly, I think that many kids are over-involved these days.  What is so wrong with being at home in the evening, playing with toys, running around the back yard, and hanging out with mom and dad?  I don't want my kids to live in a bubble, but I also want them to have plenty of time to be kids. 
So, for now, it's just soccer, but September isn't too far off.  I'm definitely going to pray about what is too much for our kids at their young ages.  Soccer, piano, weekly co-op meetings, church activities, and dance is a lot of stuff to schedule into a week.  Add holiday celebrations, doctor/dental/chiropractor appointments, hair cuts, etc... and it gets pretty nuts.  I don't want that for my family. 
I know that it only gets worse as they get older, but I think it is important to start protecting our family time now before it gets out of control.  We are a family, and we need to have time together in order to protect the bond that so many families don't experience these days.  Anyway, this is just what I'm thinking about lately.  Feel welcome to add your thoughts to the mix!

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