18 April 2007

What I Missed in Music School

Please read this with the total sarcasm that is intended.
In all my years of vocal training under the tutelage of expert vocal coaches like Doctor Todd Guy, I apparently missed an essential detail of vocal technique.  That’s right America.  I had no idea that “nasally” was actually a purposeful style of singing.  During my early years of vocal training when Prof Guy told me to raise my soft palette, I understood that this would create a sound that was anything but “nasally,” a tone that was enjoyable and pleasing to the ear.     “Nasally” does not equal enjoyment for most of us, but what do I know?  And what does Prof know or any of my music profs for that matter? 
Now…stepping off my snobby musical podium…Did anyone notice that even as the guy stated that “nasally can be a form of singing sometimes” he looked insecure and awkward?  I think he knew he was putting his foot in his mouth and possibly putting himself on the chopping block, but we shall see tonight.  I don’t make AI predictions because I’m either wrong or I’m right and frustrated that the wrong person went home.  Tonight, for instance, I believe that the bottom two should be Chris Richardson (since he has demonstrated zero knowledge of the physiology of vocal technique.  So the guy can sing a run, so what?  His pitch was treacherous last night and he always sings through his nose) and Sanjaya (I don’t even need to justify why this guy needs to go).  Who knows though?
Phil Stacey was so much better last night.   I can’t help but like this guy.  He’s so real and sweet, and when he looks at his wife or she looks at him, there is total adoration in their eyes.  You don’t see that often enough these days, and it always makes me happy when I do get to see that kind of love.  Does that translate into musical success?  Nah, but I still like the guy.
To further critique the night’s performances, Jordin and Melinda rocked the house.  I wasn’t sure how country would go for Melinda, but she definitely proved she could deliver in this genre as well as anything else.  Now, for those of you who don’t know, I would throw a country CD in the player over just about anything else most of the time, so it was one of my favorite nights of the season.  Plus, Martina always rocks.  She is one of my all-time favorite singers.  So, you see, even with all that musical training, I’m still a country girl at heart.

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