19 June 2007

Catching Up

For reasons that my non-technical mind does not completely understand, I was unable to log into my blog for almost two weeks.  I've been able to get into it for a few days now, but haven't had time to write.  So here goes a long update of recent events:
1.  On the 7th, Eric and I went to a Kenny Chesney concert, and it was tons of fun.  Pat Green, who was unpleasant because of his bad attitude, opened followed by Sugarland, who I totally love.  It was a great concert.    Eric's favorite country singer is Kenny, and I love, love, love Sugarland.  They must have planned this concert with us in mind (well, maybe not since Pat Green was there too and two people spilled beer on our blanket.  YUCK).  We had a great time!
2.  We had a family cook-out on the 9th at my brother-in-law's house.  The kids had tons of fun playing in the lake, riding the paddle boat and 4-wheeler, and bouncing on the trampoline.  I used my old camera that day, and it is currently lent out until later this week.  I'll try to post pics later.
3.  Let me back up a bit here.   We had an unbelievable incident occur on the day of the concert.  Our house gets very overrun with black ants in the spring.  On the 7th, Lukas took a drink of a juice box and two ants got into his mouth.  You're thinking that should be no big deal, right?  Oh, but you would be wrong.  He spit out one of the ants, but the other attached itself to his uvula.  And I mean it was totally attached.  It sunk its little talons or whatever an ant has into his uvula and clung on for dear life.  Lukas drank water, ate a slice of bread, gargled with salt water, and then cried, screamed and squirmed as I tried to remove it with tweezers.  I tried a finger sweep before all of this, of course.  I finally called the pediatrician, who suggested all that we had already tried.  When their office opened after their lunch break, we were waiting in the parking lot.  Lukas was still and calm for the doctors, and I say doctors in the plural because they were so fascinated that two of them came in just to see it stuck in there (Dr. Kebe wasn't there or he would have probably checked it out too.  He has 10 or 11 kids, but this might be a new thing even for him).  Lukas was the talk of the doctor's office since none of them had even heard of this happening before.  So after 15 minutes of mommy not believing that an ant could possibly be hanging out in his mouth (how terrible is it that I didn't even look in his mouth for 15 minutes?), over two hours of having an ant attached in the back of his throat (he described it as "a crunchy feeling") and 10 minutes of Dr. Kirkby tugging away at it with various instruments, Lukas survived his ant-ectomy.  I'm not sure the boy will ever look at a juice box again.
4.  The kids both went to the dentist a couple weeks ago.  I admit, it was the first visit for both of them.  I'm feeling a little guilty about not taking Lukas sooner, but all is fine (actually, I took him to a dentist in PA, but the place was filthy and smelled of mildew, so we never made it past the waiting area).  No cavities at all.  Thank you to Tom's Natural Strawberry flavored toothpaste!
5.  We spent Father's Day weekend in Coshocton (If you are reading this and are from Coshocton, check out the link).  It was nice to spend it with my dad, and we visited my grandfather as well.  I can't remember the last time I saw Grandpa on Father's Day!  He had heard from 4 of my 7 uncles as well as my aunt and dad, so I got to catch up on what they were all doing.  That was a nice treat.  
6.  We went swimming with friends yesterday, and I have my first burn of the season.  It hurts.  A LOT.  I'm such a wimp though.
7.  Our co-op cancelled our zoo field trip today.  I admit, I thought it was an unnecessary cancellation, but, I was wrong.  It started raining here at 9:15 or so.  Truthfully, I am MUCH relieved.  We have been on the go lately, and with the CHEO (Christian Home Educators of Ohio) convention Thursday-Saturday this week and our upcoming park ministry for church next week (I'm super busy with this because I'm in charge of crafts), I really need a day at home to get some things done.  Obviously, if I'm taking time to blog, I have been relieved of some of the time crunch issues I was facing.
8.  I missed all my readers.  Talk to me!  Hee, hee.  
Have a great day everyone!  I know this is long, but hey, I'm making up for two and a half weeks here!  Plus, that ant story would have been an entry all on its own if I had been able to log in. 

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