29 July 2007

Hi-5 Live

Today was the day of the ever anticipated Hi-5 Live concert.  We took our kids to Mershon Auditorium on the OSU campus for an exciting, energetic, and fun-filled 90 minutes of music, stories, and more.  And who or what exactly is this Hi-5 I'm talking about?  Why, only the greatest, most fun, and most important pre-school show around.  Just ask my daughter.  She'll tell you.  She loves to watch this show, and it seems to have replaced even her love of Dora, though she and Dora are still pals.  Ava asks to watch Hi-5 every single day (she doesn't always get to do it, but she asks).  When we saw that they were going to be in town, of course we had to check into it.  Today was the day.  We were thrilled to be able to bless our kids like this. 
Lukas, of course, is way too cool for Hi-5.  When we first told him about it, he said he wasn't sure if he wanted to go(until he thought for a brief moment that we didn’t buy him a ticket).  He sang along with almost every song and enjoyed himself to the fullest, but if you ask him, the concert was "just okay."  Kids are so funny.    I even mentioned to him that when we play our Hi-5 CD here at the house, he's singing and dancing to the songs just as much as his sister.  He couldn't possibly like the same thing his little sister likes.  That just wouldn't be cool.
The concert was everything we expected.  It was exactly like the t.v. show, which you can view on TLC or Discovery Kids on weekday mornings.  The 5 group members sang songs, told stories, performed puppet sketches, and danced their hearts out.  Ava took a little while to warm up, but by the second half of the concert, she was in the aisle dancing and singing right along with them.  It was adorable.  Of course, I took pictures, but they were flash-free because they asked the audience to not take flash photos.  During the last song, I, along with many other parents,  took a few with flash just so that we had a few good shots.  I'll try to get pics posted tomorrow or as soon as I can.
At the end of our day, Ava's bedtime prayer was this "Dear God, thank you for Mama and for us going to a really cool Hi-5 concert.  And thank you for Daddy."  and then on to a list of other things too.  Hearing her pray those words about the concert was a priceless moment for me.  What a great thing to know that your child was truly blessed by something like this.  I am so glad that we did it!

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