15 September 2007

2 Wheels

Lukas got a new bicycle for his 5th birthday last year.  He had easily outgrown his older bike, which balanced well on all four wheels, two regular wheels plus training wheels.  The new bike did not balance so well, so to actually use the training wheels, he had to purposefully lean towards one side to maintain three wheels on the sidewalk at all times.  It had to be uncomfortable, but he insisted upon riding crooked like that until the beginning of August.  That is when he finally decided that he might be able to conquer balancing on two wheels.
We worked, well mostly Eric, worked with Lukas during our evening walks to help him learn to balance without the crutch of the training wheels.  We removed one training wheel, the one he mostly leaned on, a couple of weeks ago.  He started asking to have the other one removed last week, but we didn't have time to work with him prior to his birthday party.  I admit, Mama was afraid to take it off because I didn't want him to have a major fall at his party in front of all his friends (it didn't matter anyway because he still had a fall).  I should have just let them, both Eric and Lukas were wanting the last training wheel removed, because he didn't need any help at all once that wheel was off the bicycle.  I helped him get balanced for his first ride down the road (which we have on video but not in pictures), and off he flew.  He had one minor tumble, but he got back up and came breezing back down the street towards us.  Turning around in the cul-de-sac was tough the first time, but he managed it just fine after a try or two!
We took some photos, of course.  They aren't the best since the lighting was dim and I wasn't close enough to him for the flash to have much of an effect, but they do chronicle our big boy riding his 2 wheeler!  I am not posting them now because my program is acting up on me, but I'll try to post them another time.  
Lukas is so proud of himself, and we are also proud of him!  I really try to enjoy each moment as my kids grow, and even though I focus on that, I still feel like the moments fly by too quickly, and more and more often the older they get.  Sometimes I want them to stay little forever, but I'm sure that would get boring.  I had a puppy once, and he eventually stopped learning things.  That's when we decided to have Lukas.  Kids are much better than puppies. 
And just in case you're wondering where that out of nowhere thought about puppies came from...I am currently being ganged up on by my husband, children, and a little girl down the road who is trying to help her parents sell the cutest, sweetest, gentlest little puppy for $400 with NO AKC registration.  But alas, puppies poop, and so I don't want one.  That's my final word on the issue...at least for now. 

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