04 September 2007

First Day of School

This morning as I was pleasantly asleep in my cozy bed, I was attacked by a bouncing soon-to-be 6 year old little boy shouting with far too much gusto for early in the morning, "It's the first day of school!  It's the first day of school!" over and over until I finally sat up and crawled out of bed.  Today was Lukas' first day of first grade, and he could not have been more excited to get started.  You would have thought that we were going to Disney World again, but that was definitely not the case.
The school day went off without a problem.  We had a special first day of school breakfast and then dug into our school work.  We started reading Uncle Wiggily Animal Bedtime Stories today as our read-aloud book, and it was so fun to start our day with that.  If you haven't read it and have young children, I recommend getting it.  There are many great lessons to be learned in these simple, fun, short stories.
Ava also did some school work today.  She is creating an ABC journal with pictures for each letter of the alphabet.  She drew pictures of an apple and of herself, since she is "Ava", and she "wrote" her name.  It looks nothing like any letter in the English alphabet, but I wrote underneath it what it was supposed to say.  It should be a fun keepsake for years to come.
We have chosen a Bible verse as our theme verse for this school year.  It comes from Ezra 8:23 and says "The gracious hand of our God is on everyone who looks to Him."  We will be looking to Him throughout our school year and forever, and we know that He will continue to bless us.  We'll all be working to memorize this scripture this week. 
I hope that all of my other homeschooling friends had (or will have if you haven't started yet) an equally successful start to the new school year.    I can't wait to hear about it!

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