15 July 2008

From Stacy

This came from Stacy this afternoon, and I wanted to share it with you.  It doesn't have much new information, but it gives you her perspective on things and shows you how blessed they are feeling through all of this!  Thank you so much for praying for this family.  If anything else comes up, then I will definitely post an update here again.  Here is what Stacy wrote:

Our God is so good!
We are praising Him from the roof tops.  Her esophogus looked perfect, as did her stomach. The problem was that her fundoplication had pulled her esophogus so tight that it was practically closed at it's base. So...the surgeon put a series of balloons down there to open it up.  We will be kept her for another 24 hours to make sure the surgery was successful, and if her esophogus doesn't close then we can go home tomorrow!  She will be on a special diet for the next week, slowly building her back up to chewing in seven days (we hope!). 
Please pray that her esophogus doesn't close in during this week.  Her doctor said that this was really just buying us time until he had to do more invasive surgery to undo her fundoplication - but couldn't tell us how much time.  We are just thrilled that for the time being, we have had success.
She is sitting here in front of me, playing with some new toys that her Uncle Brian sent, and is talking a mile a minute. She is thrilled that her surgery is done, and that we are pretty sure we'll be reuniting with her brothers tomorrow (who she misses terribly).
Thanks so much for your prayers.
I'm off to play "babies" with her, and watch Aladdin.

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