30 June 2010

3 Blessings #10

1. The kids and I checked out Aldi today. I hadn't shopped there since college (because we didn't have one once we moved from Indiana). My bank account was very blessed by the fact that they built a store on South High (the verdict is out on whether or not our taste buds will also be blessed...haha).

2. We filled our bird feeder on Monday night, and I have LOVED watching the different kinds of birds engage in battle over the seed. Purple finches are my favorite, and I thought I briefly saw a canary yesterday. Some of them have gorgeous songs to sing to me. What? You don't think they're singing to ME??? In this instance, I only care what I think, and, in my head, I am Snow White and the birds are singing to me. Heehee!

3. While the kids and I went to a piano lesson and got groceries today, I am loving this low-key week with them. I purposefully planned a low-key week to get us into a good, summer routine. I'm not one of those moms who can not go, go, go 12 months out of the year. Knowing how I tick is a blessing, and having a husband who supports me in slowing things down when it is needed is a blessing as well.

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