24 June 2010

3 Blessings #7

This is a little late, but I'm getting it done. I thought about it earlier in my day when I didn't have time to write. It was a tough day for me until evening when it got much, much better. So here goes...

1. The kids' friends, Triniti and William, have been coming to the Neighborhood Bible Club at which we're ministering this week. They're both having a blast, but watching Triniti sing and dance her heart out tonight just absolutely blessed me!

2. My niece, Amanda, took the kids swimming today with their Grandma. They had a blast, and I love talking with Amanda. She's a blessing.

3. Time Warner had an outage in our area, so our internet went down just as I was trying to watch a movie on-line because I was home alone and could do so without interruption (and Cary Grant is so timeless and wonderful to watch). You would think that this would not be on my list of blessings, but it is because, instead of watching a movie, I took a much needed nap. This week my energy has been zapped. The nap felt great!

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