03 July 2010

3 Blessings #13

1. Seeing all four of the the Southwestern City High School bands marching in the parade this morning was fantastic!!! It's so great to see them back in action last year. We were especially glad to see our nephew, Kyle, marching bass drum.

2.During Red, White and Boom last night, part of the sound track included Amazing Grace. First of all, I love fireworks, so that was a blessing in itself. Second, this has to be one of my favorite fireworks moments ever. As Amazing Grace was playing, they were shooting beautiful white fireworks into the sky that looked almost angelic. It brought tears to my eyes. Someone else pointed out that the other colors were purple (royalty) and red (sacrifice). It was phenomenal!

3. We're spending the afternoon and evening with our friends, Jamie and J'Nessa, and their delightful cherubs, Triniti, William and Samantha. Can't wait for them to get here!

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