25 August 2010

To Do List

Organize school shelves:
  • Assess supplies and decide what needs to be purchased
  • Reorganize
  • Put last year's curriculum in a box
  • Organize new curriculum
Reorganize kitchen:
  • Move cabinet and baker's rack and clean
  • Clean walls, cabinets, nooks and crannies
  • Re-purpose containers for various flours and move from top of cabinet to baker's rack (because this makes so much more sense)
  • Get rid of clutter and junk
  • Clean fridge
  • Eliminate anything on counter that isn't used daily
Reorganize basement:
  • Get rid of stuff
  • Sort everything on book shelves and get rid of more stuff
  • Get rid of stationary bike
  • Make room pleasant and enjoyable by de-cluttering and creating more space
  • Hang stuff on walls
Living Room:
  • Reorganize entertainment center
  • Possibly move furniture
  • Get rid of stuff that is cluttering the bottom of the end table
Reorganize Kids' Rooms:
  • Get rid of stuff (toys, clothes, trash, etc...)
  • Add shelves to each room
  • Reorganize remaining stuff
  • Organize clothing
  • Get rid of Ava's closet doors
Plan Lukas' Bday Party:
  • Design and create cake
  • Plan fun party activities
  • Plan breakfast for boys who sleep over
  • Make food
  • Shop for gift (decide on gift), food and party supplies
  • Decorate
  • Make special favorite meal on actual b-day
  • Throw actual party
  • Look at curriculum
  • Plan something exceptional for first week of school to get kids excited
  • Plan/cook special breakfast
  • Write down actual plans
  • Plan first day outfits for photo shoot
  • Plan
  • Plan
  • Plan
  • Schedule routine
  • Revise daily responsibilities/chores for each child and implement new plan
Misc. To Do:
  • Wednesday night church (Bible quizzing and choir)
  • Choose musical for upcoming children's Christmas choir performance
  • Contact those interested in assisting w/children's choir
  • Travel to Coshocton (Thurs)
  • Take Dad for laser eye surgery (Fri)
  • Run errands with/for Mom
  • Take Ava to Zucchini Fest parade (Sat)
  • Accountability phone call (Wed)
  • Sunday morning church
  • Doctor's appointment for me (next Thurs)
  • Take Lukas to piano lesson (Tues)
  • Keep laundry caught-up
  • Arrange to pick-up stuff left at Sarah's house and then actually pick-up the stuff
  • Ignore extremely stressful issues which our family should NOT have to be facing right now.
  • Cook healthy meals for my family
  • Count calories
  • Exercise
  • Lose weight
  • Pray
  • Study the Word
All while managing above average stress levels.
Want to trade places?

I think I should flip the list so that my priorities are straight and then just take it one step at a time. If only that were as easy to do as it is to write.... Sometimes you have to meet the needs as they come at you and decide which kettle is about to explode so that you can turn off the burner.

I need a vacation.

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