23 August 2010

Update on Dad

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for Dad. I apologize for not posting an update sooner. I haven't been home since Thursday, and the internet access in Coshocton is minimal.

When I got to Mom and Dad's house on Thursday evening, Dad's vision had started to return a very, very little. I took him to the specialist on Friday afternoon. I personally really liked the doctor and Dad seemed to as well. He took his time and explained everything and was pretty positive about being able to help Dad.

The diagnosis in both eyes is diabetic retinopathy, which has kind of suprised Dad because he has no other symptoms of diabetes and therefore had no idea he even had it. One eye is most likely going to need surgery as there is a hemorage in the eye. The other eye needs to have laser surgery, which is much less invasive, and that proceedure is scheduled for this coming Friday afternoon. Dad has to sleep upright until then so that the blood that is in his eyes settles into the bottom of his eye allowing the specialist to be able to see well enough to do the laser treatment. Please be praying about this! The blood in his eyes is actually what caused the sudden blindness on Wednesday morning.There are irregular vessels on both retina that are bleeding.

Dad is hopeful that he'll be able to see and work again soon. I appreciate everyone's continued prayers. Also pray for safety as I'll be doing a lot of driving back and forth between Columbus and Coshocton.

I appreciate you all so much!

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