06 September 2010


Last night an 8 year old boy went to bed in our house, and, this morning, a 9 year old awakened from that same bed. It's still covered with Cars sheets and a Lightning McQueen comforter. Webkinz and other stuffed friends still litter the bed and the floor near the bed where they were toppled during the night. There are still legos, Lincoln logs, geotracks and matchbox cars strewn about the room, but he is bigger, or so he thinks.

Some years bring about more maturing than other years.  This past year, we've watched as Lukas started striving to become a young man of God. It has been awesome to see how God has changed him over the past year, not that he wasn't pretty great already. He was incredible, but he seemed to take hold of his faith in a way that was much more personal in the past year, and it was a sweet experience to see that take place.

Lukas' emerging independence has allowed me to take a more obvious notice of how amazing he is. If he can do it without us, he will. He has learned to vacuum the carpet and mow the lawn this year, and he does a pretty good job at both chores (though both do require Mom or Dad now and then). In school, he devoured world geography with gusto and tackled multiplication with determination and diligence. He's pretty incredible.

And he's 9.

Halfway to 18, the world's chosen age for determining adulthood. These days do go by quickly, don't they? Any parent will tell you how fast the days fly when they are little. It's true. Even if you're a parent like me who truly takes time to appreciate each season of childhood, time races. I remember holding him for the first time like it was yesterday, and he's halfway to 18. Yikes!

I can't wait to see what the next year holds for my boy. He'll keep growing, and I'll keep telling him to stop (yesterday, I bought him men's size 6 shoes!!!). He'll keep learning and maturing and becoming all that God intends for him to be. It's quite an adventure to watch him grow. I love my boy. 

Thanks, Jesus, for the sweet blessing of sharing this little boy with me. He is one of my forever loves, and I will cherish him always.

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