19 December 2010

25 Days of Christmas Days 15-19

Obviously, we have been BUSY, or I would have blogged more before now! I'll give you a quick snapshot of what we've been up to for our 25 Days activities.

Day 15: We drove around and looked at Christmas lights. We had kids' choir rehearsal on this evening, and I had a long rehearsal right after that for the adult Christmas production too. Eric and the kids had small group Christmas parties. We still took some time to do something a little special. On the way home, we spent about 20 minutes driving through a neighborhood which had gorgeous light displays! This is one of our favorite 25 Days activities each Christmas season.

Day 16: We attempted THIS CRAFT. Notice, I don't have an actual photo because I purchased the wrong kind of satin ribbon (it was weather proof, something I didn't realize until we started the craft). Ours did not turn out. If I have a chance, we may try it again with the right kind of ribbon. If we do, I'll post the pics. I'm hoping to do a couple crafts with the kids this week, and we may re-visit this one while we're making a mess.

Day 17: We had dress rehearsal with the children's choir for the Christmas musical.

Day 18: Performance night! The kids had a blast performing in the play, and Eric and I were so blessed to be directing them!

Day 19: We went to Walgreens to see Santa today, and then we went to Cold Stone for ice cream. My Dad gave the kids money for Cold Stone last night after the play. It was a nice treat. Santa was fun to see too. He talked to the kids about how challenging it can be to get those reindeer to make such a sudden stop on each roof. We'll pick-up the photos later this week, though they won't be posted since they aren't digital.

So that's the last several days of our lives in quick review. I want to blog more in depth about the musical, but I'm just too tired right now. I'll get to it tomorrow or the next day, and I'll post some photos too. This week should be less demanding. I'm looking forward to baking, finishing some shopping, wrapping gifts, spending time with my favorite people, and getting some good sleep! Sleep...I'm planning 9 hours tonight. I've been surviving on 4-6 hours for a week now, and I'm a girl who is at her best when she has 8 or 9. It's time for some good rest! Good night friends!

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