30 December 2010

More Christmas Memory Making

The day after Christmas began earlier than most since Lukas was singing with the Kids Matter worship team in the combined family worship service at church. He had to be there at 9, which is actually an hour later than we normally need to be at church on Sunday morning, so we were glad for the extra hour.

The service was probably my favorite family service ever. We've done some great family services at our church in the past, but I just loved the way this one flowed. I don't even know how many of our pastors spoke, but I don't think anyone spoke for more than 5 minutes, and everything was fluid and made sense. Ava was interviewed by Pastor Deb, our lead elementary children's pastor, and she loved that. It was a beautiful morning of worship. It makes me sad for all those people who stayed home because it was Christmas weekend.

We went to Mom and Dad's in Coshocton later that evening and celebrated with them. Everyone loved their gifts, of course, and it was nice to visit with Mom and Dad for a few hours. The kids new pillow pets have me coveting them a little. Haha! Have you felt how soft and comfy they are? 

We had a couple of relaxing family days after that. Last night, we went to Wildlights at the zoo, and so did the rest of the entire city as well as all the suburbs. It was seriously crowded. We haven't gone for a few years, but we decided to go this year since it is free to us and the weather was pretty good. Eric's parents went with us. We were there for about two hours and barely made it through North America and the Polar Frontier. It was beautiful. I love Christmas lights. How great is it that the whole nation as well as other parts of the world celebrate Christmas, the birth of Christ, by lighting up their homes, businesses and communities? I realized last year as I was gazing on a light display that, even if the people didn't know the Lord, those lights were in celebration of Him. The whole nation lights up for Jesus once each year, and I enjoy it so much. Even the zoo was lit for Jesus! If He didn't exist, neither would all these light displays. I had hoped to post a blog in which I explored that idea further, but it just isn't going to happen this year.

Today we're kind of getting back to the grind. Yes, I'm blogging, but I'm also doing laundry and getting ready to work on school planning for the start of school next Tuesday (I have another eye injection on Monday, so we're getting an extra day off). The kids have had a laid-back day, but there will be some straightening up and vacuuming today as well as the dreaded laundry folding. Eric is working until 8. It feels like we're back to normal, and I think we're ready for routine to set in.

I hope that your holiday season has been a blessing to you. I know that some people struggle through this time of year, and, at the beginning of the season, I was one of those. At the end of the season, I'm struggling again, but only because life handed us a little more than we wanted to handle in the past two days. Still, I have joy. I have amazing kids and a loving husband. I have a church which I find to be our greatest family blessing. Serving there is incredible. That might be for another post as well. 

We still have a few days of family time left. We have no specific plans for New Year's Eve or New Year's Day at this point. Want to get together? Haha! It would be great to see so many of you for the holiday. Maybe some day, that'll happen. Until then...Happy New Year!!! May 2011 be your greatest yet!

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