28 January 2011

Weekly Wrap-UP: Working Through Sickness


This week was challenging but not for the reasons I expected. Babysitting full time didn't prove to be too much of a challenge to our homeschooling schedule(though we're only one week into it, so the verdict is still out). We actually got our school day started earlier than usual a couple times because I didn't have to just be awake and moving. I had to be completely dressed and groomed and ready to enjoy a budding toddler by 8:15 each morning. I know that isn't super early, but I'm a pajamas-til-I finish-my-morning-tea-leisurely kind of gal. Mornings are generally not my thing, so this takes effort on my part. I'm still sipping my tea when Baby Z arrives each day. It's a good thing my kids enjoy doting upon her first thing in the morning (and all day too).

Babysitting went well. Baby Z is a sweetheart. I couldn't believe how easy it was to continue with our homeschooling schedule with a little one in the house. I expected resistance from my children, and, admittedly, they were distracted by her coos and giggles, but it seemed natural to include her in our day. That might be a topic I'll have to explore in a post not dedicated to my weekly wrap-up. The kids love having her in our home. They helped more than I could ever have imagined they would, and, as it turns out, I ended up needing a lot of help mid-week!

Unfortunately, what babysitting didn't do to our week, sickness did. I awoke on Wednesday around 5:30 (You know it's never good when that happens on accident) feeling like I was having a lactose reaction. I can't tell you how much I wish that it was that, but it wasn't. It was a full-blown stomach bug.  Since I believed it was lactose, I kept Baby Z anyway only to discover during her afternoon nap that I was definitely, completely and totally ill. Wednesday's schooling consisted of independent work and absolutely no direct instruction. Thursday was better, but it still wasn't 100%. Today, we were back in full-swing, though I'm still not feeling full-strength yet. 

We even had a music appreciation lesson (We're learning about Bach currently) and an art lesson today, and art often goes out the door on weeks such as this one. Do you know of Artistic Pursuits? I discovered it a couple years ago, and I truly love it. I've used it intermittently, and I wish I had used it consistently.I love that it so easily combines art appreciation with actual, hands-on projects that use a variety of artistic media. The kids very much enjoy it, and it's a great fit for our family. Today, the kids did watercolor crayon pictures of experiences they had. I haven't snapped photos of them yet, or I would post them for you to see.

On this Friday night, I am tired. Between having an infant in the house all week, having a stomach bug, Eric working two jobs, making sure I workout daily and managing our household, I'm ready for some rest. Sunday is on the way!

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