29 September 2011

Ava's Journal

The kids have a renewed interest in journal writing right now, so I am indulging it, of course. I found these great journal prompts HERE (Yes, they're the same ones I posted once before). Today's journal prompt was, "I really don't like." This one came with a few rules, one of which was, "You have to be nice." I'm sure any parent can understand how a child could take that journal prompt and run in many wrong directions with it. 

Ava still draws pictures with her journals. Lukas has decided he doesn't want to do that as of this school year, which is fine. He's 10. Today, Ava drew her picture, and then we wrote her journal together. Here are her words.

I really don't like tomatoes. I don't like the texture or the flavor. Peppers, all of the colors, are not so bad, not as bad as tomatoes, but I don't really like 'em. Then, of course, I really don't like to play Star Wars because I am a girl. And then, I don't really like doing my reading lesson.

Of course, girls don't like to play Star Wars with their big brothers (but she does it. Nearly every day).

Do you see what I'm up against with that last part? She drew a nice little picture of her reader, so I knew it was coming. I love this child. She reads. And someday, she will read well.

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