22 December 2011

25 Days of Christmas Days 21-22

Day 21
Christmas Extravaganza
Our church had a special service filled with tons of musical talent. There are some amazing musicians in our church, and this gave all of us a chance to minister with our gifts. I cannot even tell you with words how blessed I was by some of the great singing and playing we heard last night. The first photo is some of the KidStuf kids singing some Christmas songs to kick things off.
Eric sang "Mary, Did You Know?" I asked him to sing it because he's amazing and the song is perfect for his voice. It seriously makes my heart melt when my husband sings this song. 

Have you ever heard the lyrics to this song? They are incredible. Just think about Mary kissing the face of God. It gets me so completely excited to think about that. Today, I read the story of Mary beginning when she first heard from Gabriel through her visit with Elizabeth, and I am in awe of who Mary was. Whatever God handed her, she willingly accepted it. She didn't complain knowing how people would react when they discovered her pregnancy. And can you imagine how much her heart hurt when Jesus was on the cross? I know how much my heart hurts when my kids hurt, but Mary's pain had to be so much greater. This is a woman of great character. I want to be more like Mary, more like Jesus!

I may have gotten a little side-tracked there, so back to the rest of Day 21.

I sang a song called "I Believe" originally recorded by Natalie Grant. I love Natalie Grant. I'm certain I didn't do her song justice, but I loved singing it!

I also got to play "Carol of the Bells" with a flute quartet. I've played with these ladies a couple times now, and I enjoy it every time. It is so nice to have opportunities to use what God has given me to minister through music.

Day 22
Gift Wrapping Day
I can't post the gifts, but I can post a very messy photo of our wrapping supplies. I can assure you, this was once very well organized. And then we moved. And this is what came out of my attic. 

Three days to go!!! I'm super excited to spend some more quality time with my favorite people! More photos to come!

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