15 December 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Days 9-15

I know, I know. I'm super behind on my 25 Days of Christmas posts. This is because we visited friends last Saturday, and someone who shall remain nameless was asked to pick up my camera bag (because my hands were full with other stuff), and that someone left it there. 30 minutes from our house. On the way to our Day 10 activity. Argh. Our friends are coming into town tomorrow, and they'll be dropping it off. I am going to go ahead and post the last week's worth of activities. I took some photos on Lukas' camera. I'll post pics from my camera in a separate post soon. I know there are some good ones on there! So here's me catching up.

Day 9
Live Nativity
These photos are the ones I want you to see. Our church, Coshocton Christian Tabernacle, has done a live nativity in the past, and they brought it back this year. We aren't just talking Mary and Joseph in a stable with a few animals standing by. We're talking the entire Christmas story from birth to judgement day. You know what, you just need to see the pictures. It was fantastic! We enjoyed it so much that we drove through twice in a row!

Day 10

I don't actually have any photos of this since this was the day my camera was left behind, and we didn't have Lukas' camera with us. Every year, Roscoe Village, a historic canal era town, hosts a tree lighting complete with candles and "Silent Night" each Saturday in December leading up to Christmas. It is beautiful, peaceful, and breath-taking. All those people singing "Silent Night" while holding candles standing beneath the giant tree is a sight to behold. I doubt any camera could have captured it. It was a beautiful evening (even if it was absolutely frigid!). If you are local, they'll have another one this coming Saturday!

Day 11
Movie Day
Generally, we watch one movie on a movie night, but I knew this family would need a lazy Sunday afternoon and evening. We watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in the afternoon and The Santa Clause in the evening. Two of our favorites this time of year!

Day 12
The Legend of the Candy Cane

Do you know this book? It's a nice story that gives some meaning to this simple Christmas candy. We read it every Christmas. After we read it, we add candy canes to our Christmas tree.
Ava thinks it is funny to wear Lukas' old PJs. :)

Day 13
Felt Mitton Ornaments
Left to right: Lukas, Kendra, Ava, Eric
Aren't these absolutely adorable? I saw them on Pinterest, and I loved them. I couldn't find the tutorial when it was time to actually do the craft, but it was pretty self-explanatory. The kids did all of their own sewing, which they absolutely loved. I have been thinking about adding some basic hand sewing into our schedule anyway, so why not have fun making Christmas ornaments while we're learning?

Day 14
Christmas Lights??? Shopping sprees???
We were supposed to go driving to look at lights yesterday, but it didn't happen. Eric and I were in Columbus Christmas shopping. The kids were with my parents shopping in Newark. We all got back to their house between 10 and 11. We got home at 11:30, and we promised to look at lights together another night. The kids looked at lights with their grandparents, so they still got to enjoy them!

Day 15
Charlie Brown Christmas

Very shortly, we will head to church for choir rehearsal. Since Ava has dance on Thursdays and it makes our evening schedule tight between dance and choir if we have dinner, we have dinner after choir practice. Tonight, we will eat in the living room and watch Charlie Brown Christmas. Don't you just love it when Linus reads the Christmas story? Did you know that the producers wanted to cut that scene, but Charles Schultz insisted it be kept in the script?

I promise I'll be better about posting in the next TEN days!!! That's right! 10 days until Christmas!!! Can't wait!

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