28 March 2012

Technology Hiccup

Both computers died. Sort of. 

Last summer we bought a new cord for my laptop. In August (a couple months after said purchase), the computer kept shutting off because the battery was dead, and this was happening while it was plugged into the outlet! Eric took it a couple places, and they gave us high estimates to fix it, so we packed it up and stuck it somewhere invisible for a while since we had Eric's Aflac laptop.

A few weeks ago, the ancient Aflac laptop died. Completely. Since neither computer was working, Eric decided to finally take mine to be repaired (our son does his math on the computer, so we sorta needed a working computer). Instead of taking it to the places where he initially got estimates, he took it to a local place about 5 minutes from our house, told them what we were told was wrong with it, and even handed them a second computer which contained the supposed needed parts (thanks to a dear friend).

Would you believe that the only thing wrong with my laptop was the cord? Seriously. THE CORD was bad. 

Six months with one laptop in the house, one laptop that travels with my husband and isn't here when we need it for school...and the Only. Problem. Was. The. Cord. 

For real.

So for $18 plus tax, my laptop is working, and I am annoyed that we waited so long and listened to the two, that's right TWO, places which gave us high estimates for fixing the major problem they were going to solve for us.

Big business stinks. I love small town living. $18 and I'm back in technology action. 

A topic for future blog meanderings? How out-of-the-loop one feels when experiencing technology hiccups.

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