14 April 2012

Spring Break

Spring break. A luxury I said we were going to skip. Ha! I should know better. My sister and her family showed up the Sunday before Easter, a remarkable blessing because they were in Ohio for an entire week. We had the great privilege of having them at our house all day on Monday, and then I had the incredible privilege of hanging out with her kids all day on Tuesday while Cassie took Mom to chemotherapy. After that, we technically could have taken a couple days off school, but we didn't. It was all kinds of little things that really just screamed, "give up!" so I did. It was worth it.

Throughout last week, it was up in the air whether or not our extended family from Toledo would be here for Easter. On Friday, I got the news that 10 of them were coming, and several of those were staying at our house. Blessings!!! I was so completely excited. Mom was completely surprised. Hosting my aunts, uncles, and cousins was a blast. I would do it again tomorrow if I could. I hope I do get to do it again. It was...a blessing. I wish there was a word to describe it that was bigger than blessing, but, of course, nothing is bigger than a blessing. I guess it was a...monumental blessing. 

Easter worship was fantastic also. Our worship leader has been putting some incredible worship sets together recently, and Easter was no exception. It is nice to belong to a church family. We very much enjoyed being a part of our very large church in Grove City, but that isn't really what we need right now. We need the closeness of a family-focused church, and we have that here. Celebrating the resurrection with this church family of ours was wonderful. 

We wrapped our spring break up on Monday with a day off. Spring "break" was exhausting. The kids were begging to stay home for a full day. I was so wiped out. Plus, we always take the Monday after Easter off. It was the best day! It was also the day that we recognized having lived here for one year, but that is a topic for another post. 

Here are some picture moments from our Easter Sunday for you to enjoy.

 Kiddos dressed in the Easter Sunday clothes.

 My nephew, Jerison, climbing in our rhododendron.
 James, my cousin's little boy, watching Ava blow bubbles.

 My youngest cousin, Sunny, on my Mom's side of the family. 

 Mom with three of her siblings.

 Most of the grown-ups who weren't taking the pictures. Corey and his fam were hiding from the cameras.

Lukas with my nephew, Zack.

See more pics in a second post!

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