25 April 2012

The Unworthy Soccer Mom

I am completely unworthy of the soccer mom title. Tonight, the rain hit the field about 10 minutes before practice was supposed to end, and I sat in my cozy van thinking, "Should I pull him off the field? He has a cold. Do I want him to be playing in this weather?" My conundrum quickly passed as the coach decided they weren't going to practice in the rain. I was relieved because this spared me of the guilt I was wrestling with. 

It seems like a no-win situation for me. I want my child to be healthy and to get exercise, so I should let him play no matter the weather, right? He's in 5th grade, not preschool, so when does he need to buck up a little and play in the rain even if it is frigid (it isn't exactly frigid today, but you get the point)? 

But then? He has a cold, and I'm his mother. Shouldn't I be guiding him toward taking care of his body when he's sick because I want him to get healthy? Shouldn't I be protecting him from situations in which he will likely become even more sick than he is?

It seems like no matter what choice I make, I might be making the wrong choice. Maybe there isn't a perfect choice. What would you do?

Add to this the fact that I don't like to sit in the cold rain to watch a soccer game. Yeah. I pretty much stink as a soccer mom, don't I? I'm seriously not worthy of the title. I know this. I don't really even think of myself as a soccer mom. I like to think that I'm more well rounded as a mom than that title suggests. Dance mom sounds crazy (thank you TLC). Basketball mom? Who has that title? Bible thumper? Ha.Ha.Ha.

Maybe I'm being ridiculous. Maybe I should be proud of the title, but it just sounds so busy to me. I am busy, but I am selective. When I think "soccer mom" I think of stressed-out housewives running from one field to the next, one game after another, balancing too much in too little time all from the confines of their mini-van as they run carpool for the entire neighborhood. That's not me. I like to have choices, and that scenario involves locking yourself into not having many choices.

I would like to choose to not freeze my tush off at a soccer game. 

But if he plays, I will be there because that's what we do, right? Rain or shine. Sleet or hail.  It's a good thing that I really, really, REALLY like watching soccer games.

This Saturday's weather forecast isn't looking very positive. 40s and rain. Blech.

My soccer player has a cold. We shall see how he is feeling and if that forecast becomes a reality.

And I will feel guilty no matter what I choose.

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  1. i... take a book and my iPhone to games and practice. ;)