17 February 2013

Looking Through the Window of Blessings...3

95. Handsome Lukas and his boyhood sound effects
103. Clean house surprise
105. Sunshine on shiny wood floors
107. Lukas made a basket in a game right in front of Daddy!
108. A Father who dotes on me
109. Smooth, rich, jazzy Ella Fitzgerald
112. Little boy giggles from the getting big boy
115. "Adults have too much to get done all the time. You don't always have to get stuff done. Adults should play more." Thank you, Lukas.
122. Life Application Bible and all its warn pages and ragged pink leather
123. Husband quiet on the couch resting on a snowy evening
125. A girl in her brother's old clothes, dressed for bed
130. Glossy, cranberry red fingernails
132. Meeting with God in the space between the notes
133. Tears unexplained but purposeful

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