19 June 2013

Triumph and Trial

I just sat on my patio and had an extended quiet time with the Lord on this cool June morning. Sweetening this experience was my little girl sitting in the chair next to me doing the same. We both paused to chat with each other when something caught our attention, sharing with each other the Lord's words on our hearts on this day. 

I ask you, mothers and fathers, does it get any better than this? Is this a moment that could be improved upon? 

I am divinely blessed. I know this. 

After a morning of lively discussion with my pre-teen, I needed this reminder. I was craving this time with the Lord. He knew this, and this is yet another reason why I am divinely blessed.

Pre-teenhood is an interesting parenting stage. This child of mine is just as awesome as ever, but there are moments when I do not know what to say or what to do for him. My influence is not always welcomed, but it is always necessary. This morning he began my day by whispering to his sister, "Hey, Ava, I love you." I counted that blessing as #940. I remembered that blessing half an hour later when he was attempting to debate right versus wrong behavior and whether or not his consequences were just. One hour of our day sucked away by sin.

I can't complain. He was grouchy. He was angry. I get that way. Often. Too often. How can I expect more from an 11 year old than I deliver from myself? 

We thought when each of our children was born that the Lord gave them to us to cherish and care for and raise in the knowledge of the Lord, but what we didn't fully understand was that the Lord gave us to these children to cherish and change and teach the deeper ways of the Lord.

I don't know who is learning more, them or me, but I know that the Lord is in this parent/child journey. These two gifts of mine provide me with so many opportunities to grow, change, and be molded into something that will one day look like Jesus. My great hope is that they will one day look like Jesus too.

And we will count all these things, moments of triumph and moments of trial, as blessings.


  1. Best blog you have ever written. Really beautiful.

    1. That's a sweet compliment. Thank you!