17 July 2013

Roses, Mama, and Reading the Directions

It is almost ridiculous how much I enjoy varying my blog background. I enjoy it so much that you would think I would take the time to actually learn what it takes to make my blog look sort of professional, but I do not tick like that. I'm more of a "tell me what to do and I'll do it" rather than a "read directions" kind of gal. My husband is quite the opposite. He will read the entire manual for just about anything before going into action while I sit tapping my fingernails ready to scream because I just want to get it done. I might be exaggerating a little there. I don't actually want to scream. 

This little illustration serves to show you that my husband and I are perfectly matched. When we need directions, he is right there for me to do the dull reading while I am ready to just jump in and get it done when he takes too long with that manual. Ah, I love my man!

Anyway, I changed my background. It's simple. It's vintage. 

It reminds me of my first ever rose bushes growing in pots on my patio. My mama purchased three bushes last fall through a mail-order company, and they arrived in April on her door step where I discovered them. I have mentioned this before in longer posts, but I will say it again because this is my blog, and I want to. 

So I ask myself, did she purchase three bushes, one for me, one for Daddy, and one for my sister, knowing she wouldn't be here, or did she order them hoping that she would? I think the former.

Enjoy the new background.

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