15 July 2013

To Write SOMEthing

This has been the best summer that we have had in years. We haven't done anything out of the ordinary. June was filled with a lot of lazy days, probably too many lazy days, but after the past few years of our lives, that is just what this family needed. The kids played outside, created lavish living room performances complete with props and costumes, ran around with the neighbors, had water fights and mud fights, and all together enjoyed a true summer break. I played games with them and piddled around the house, went to the homeschooling convention and celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary. In those lists are so many blog posts that I should have written but didn't. Why? Because my brain is generally blocked. The DAILY McBlog? Oy. What is that?

Daily. As in every single day?


Every time I sit down to write something, I either get two paragraphs or two sentences or two words into the post and realize I have nothing great to say about said topic, or I can't seem to master the written word in that moment. I can't produce organized thought in a way that would actually entertain the reader or cause them to have any kind of desire to come back. So I fall back on blog hops if I write at all. In fact, I even went searching for new blog hops, but who wants to come read my blog filled with nothing but blog hops?

No one. Pretty much.

Blog hops are fun sometimes, and they have their place, but a girl knows a blog can't survive with any kind of readership without some real meaty posts. Or real posts at all. I think it's the "at all" that I'm aiming to fix here.

I spoke with my dear friend Mindy about this a few weeks ago and mentioned that I was considering committing to 30 days of blog posts. Why? Because I am crazy, of course, and I have so much free time. Um, no. That is certainly NOT why. I don't feel completely confident that I can make this happen. The one thing I am confident about this venture is that you will not be reading 30 interesting, thought-provoking blog posts. However, if I call myself a writer and a blogger, then I need to step it up. I need to write, and then I need to write some more.

So here is post #1 of my 30 days of blog posts. Some of the posts may be blog hop posts, but most of them will not be. I promise. I may post three sentences about something silly that happened that day, or I may post a single photo with or without a caption. I may post a poem. Written by someone else. Something will be posted. 


Here we go.

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