27 December 2013

25 Days of Christmas 2013: Days 20-25

December 20th: Cookie baking. We made Russian teacakes with gluten-free flour, and we couldn't tell the difference! Woot!

December 21st: We were supposed to go to Roscoe Village to the tree lighting, but, between a broken down car and torrential rain, we opted to skip it. Once the car was fixed, we took the kids to shop for each other around 8:00 that evening, and that was a blast for them!

December 22nd: Swanson/Killiany Caroling Party. Lukas played Silent Night on the guitar, and Ava sang with him.

December 23rd: Gift Wrapping. The kids wrapped gifts for each other and gifts for Eric and me. Here is a photo of Eric with the gift from the kids. Lukas did not approve of the rhythm in this photo, but Ava went ALL OUT!

December 24th: Christmas Eve service at church

December 25th: CHRISTMAS DAY!!! We used Mama's china and her holly Christmas glasses.

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