01 February 2014

More of Jesus in 90 Days

I believe I mentioned to you that I was reading through the Bible in 90 days. Here is my one-month-into-said-challenge-update post.

I am behind. By 7 days.

It isn't that I am not reading daily. It's that I'm terrible at just reading. 

"Read it like a novel." "Keep going." "Just get it done." 

That isn't me.

I have considered this challenge in the past and avoided it because I knew this about myself, and, while I didn't anticipate falling behind this much, I did anticipate that I might feel this way. I am a student by nature. When I read something that I don't remember reading previously, or something that is very applicable to my current life journey or the journey of a friend or family member, I want to cross reference it, write down a verse or two, meditate, pray, journal, and study. This often leaves me about 2/3 of the way through my daily reading plan after spending 90 minutes on the couch.
The truth is, I don't love this challenge, but I see value in it. I am learning and being stretched because I am spending a little more time with the Lord each day, but there is a price. I'm spending more time in the Word and less time in prayer; more time being still and less time being Mom, not that reading the Word isn't part of showing my children what a daily walk with Christ looks like, but there are duties I usually do in that extra half hour each day that are not getting done. School gets started later and goes later into the afternoon (or evening these days). The laundry piles up. Lunch is often prepared by the kids.

I am glad I committed to this challenge. I'm going to keep pressing forward, and I'm going to finish the entire Bible. Will I do it in 90 days? Will I stress over those 7 days or if those 7 days become 8 or 11 or 13? I might because I am a one of those "first born always tries to follow the rules" kinds of gals, but I hope I stress less and lean into the Lord more. Because it isn't about finishing in 90 days for me. It's about 90 minutes with the Lord each day. It's about pressing into the Father, hearing His heart, His voice, His Spirit speak to me. It's about growth and knowledge and wisdom.

It it takes me an extra 10 days to get more of that, or an extra month (or, seriously, if you're doing this and it takes you a whole year, who cares???), then it is worth it.

More of Jesus. That's what I want. That's why I'm doing this.

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