05 March 2014

90 Days, or Maybe Not?

So...90 days through the Bible. Yeah. Still behind.

I'm still going strong, or, rather, I'm still plugging away, but I wouldn't really use the word strong to qualify my attempts.

I am reading and engaging with God daily, and my heart is swelling with all that I am absorbing, learning, hearing, and noticing.

Each day I begin my quiet time by whispering a simple prayer. "Father, breathe Your word into me. Teach me something new and beautiful, and show me the timeless truths of old."

Try it. He will answer you!

So, I believe I will accomplish this venture in 120 days at the most. I am On Day 49 (if I remember correctly), and I should be on Day 64. I'm okay with it. I don't even feel a subtle pang of guilt over not keeping up. I chose this. I chose to engage more with the word rather than rushing through, not that reading it for face value doesn't have it's purpose in our lives. It just wasn't working the best for me. Sometimes I have days when I do read it that way, and I catch up a little. Today was one of those days. I read close to two days worth of scripture in the same amount of time I sometimes get through half a day! I rock! Or so I told myself when I finished.

I am amazed at what God is teaching me, how He is encouraging me, the stories I have forgotten, the things I understand for the first time...

I could go on and on.

I am so grateful that my friend, Amy, brought this challenge to my attention at a time when I could choose to take on the task. It has been astoundingly rewarding, and I am not even finished!

It could be said that I may not have time to blog until May. I miss it, but I have to say that the trade-off has been worth it.

It should be said that I have the two most amazing children on this green earth. They are so dedicated to my finishing of this challenge that they work diligently on their schoolwork during the entire 90 minutes I spend reading each day in virtual silence (other than our chosen instrumental soundtrack of the morning). If I had children who needed prodding or reminding, I don't know how I could do this. I give one child an assignment book, and he barely looks at it because he knows his tasks, and the other child gets a white board with a daily list which she attacks with gusto. They are awesome. Parts of my heart feel the pangs of their growth at times like this, but that is a topic for another post. They bring me joy.

And they are still plugging away at their own 90 day Bible reading challenges, though they may not quite have stuck to the guidelines. Dear daughter had been reading in the book of Psalms before her 90 day book of John study. She has added a chart that she drew herself at the bottom of her John chart. She is reading half of her John passage each day so that she can have time for a Psalm or two each day. This is just fine with me. It is within a reasonable expectation for her. I am proud of her choices.

Dear son desperately wanted to study the book of Exodus, so he has decided to extend his 90 day new Testament reading into April so that he can do both simultaneously. Also fine with me. He sits in the living room with me and shares what he is learning as he progresses through his readings. I sit in wonder at his understanding and grasp of the truths of God.

You see, my kids are engaging God each day. My kids are falling in love with the Word of God. 

My kids are falling in love with the Word of God!!!

This 90 day thing may not have been quite the right time limitation for us, but this scripture thing? For this, we are perfectly suited.

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