04 October 2014

Four Seasons: 30 Days, AUTUMN

I participated in this photo blog hop in the spring with intentions to participate in it all four seasons. Then my camera stopped working mid-spring, and I never finished. With moving smack in the middle of the summer challenge, I didn't even try. Now, I'm using my 13 year old's camera, and I'm giving the Autumn challenge a try. I am an amateur photo taker, but I love photography and attempting to capture creative beauty in a photo, especially God's creative beauty. I don't claim to be a great photographer, but I certainly have a great time! Here's my first photo for the 30 photo challenge.

Bountiful Harvest

to see more beautiful Autumn photos and to learn about the other blog hops she offers.


  1. Very nice picture and I loved my visit to your blog, love making new bloggy friends. I am enjoying the autumn blog hop.

  2. This is a beautiful picture. It looks like state fair ribbons should be hanging from everyone of those jars!