18 September 2006

Appalling Video Footage

It is rare for me to get up in arms enough over something that I take action, but I am truly appalled by the Madonna video that NBC is planning to air in November.  For those of you who haven't heard, the Madonna concert that is scheduled to air will include a scene in which Madonna wears a crown of thorns and is actually on a lit-up cross.  She and NBC call this mockery of the crucifixion the highlight of the show.

I know that Madonna has never been someone that anyone should look to as a moral compass, but this type of religious mockery is completely out of line.  It is disgusting, and it is hurtful to anyone who believes in the truth of the Gospel.  It breaks my heart to know that someone could take something so beautiful and mock it for the entire world to see.

I don't even know what else to say, but here is a link at which you can view a brief excerpt from this concert and get more information:

If you are moved by this as much as I was, then I do hope you take some type of action to prevent this concert from airing.  Every little thing we do makes a difference for the kingdom.

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