20 September 2006

Random Thoughts and a Little Venting

1.  Today's school time might as well have never started.  Because math didn't go well again, phonics didn't go well...and neither did Bible, art, history, etc...  He just wanted to be done for the day.  We managed to finish everything that was planned for the day, but we had to do a lot of reviewing throughout the afternoon and evening to make sure that some learning actually took place.

2.  Lukas is completely convinced that he cannot read the words "rock" or "sock" because they have a "k" on the end.  If the words were simply "roc" and "soc", then he would have no problem.  The English language stinks.

3.  I feel like I have to do this homeschooling thing completely on my own without help from anyone else.  It's frustrating.  So many people are anti-homeschooling, and others just don't understand it.  I know many people who are supportive, but I still feel all alone.  I really could use some advice on how to teach "3 is 2 less than 5."  Anyone?

4.  Potty training during the first month of homeschooling stinks...both literally and figuratively.

5.  My kids have the concept of taking turns down so well that I cringe every time I hear "It's my turn now" followed by complaining from the other child.

6.  I am incredibly thankful for many things, my husband and my children, of course, and the opportunity I have to stay home with my precious little ones.  But today...I am very thankful that I have a ladies retreat this weekend.  I am looking forward to some spiritual and physical refreshment!

7.  I knew my house would not be as clean once we started homeschooling, but I must confess that, while we all have clean laundry, I don't think anything has been folded in almost 2 weeks.  Shhhh!

8.  My children love each other so much, and I love to watch them play together.  Today they played hide-and-seek in the back yard over and over again, and I laughed every single time they each hid in the exact same spot.

So that is all I have to offer you today.  Maybe I'll have something more profound to share after the women's conference.  I'll let you know if I do, of course. 

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