04 September 2006

The Perfect Latte

I had to go to the 24 Hour CVS tonight to pick up a couple of prescriptions.  CVS happens to be right across the street from Starbucks, and they have conveniently provided all coffee lovers with drive-up service at this location.  I don't know why, but somehow I am able to smell my decaf nonfat vanilla latte with whip as soon as I get off the highway.  So every time I go to the grocery store, pharmacy, and even the chiropractor, I have to fight the urge to spend my pocket money on the perfect latte. 
Sometimes it's easy because the kids are with me begging to go to Tim Hortons.  "Mom, please can we get a doughnut?"  "No, mommy can't have a doughnut, and neither can you."  "Then what can I get at the coffee place."  "Nothing."  "Why can't I get something?  I want a doughnut."  "Me too!  I get a doughnut."  "NO ONE is getting a doughnut."  "But why not?"  "Do you have any money?"  "No."  "Then that's why you aren't having a doughnut."  If I don't want to go through this, I just skip the coffee and save the cash for another day.

Tonight I was actually alone, a rare thing for a young mom, so I gave in and ordered my aromatic decaf nonfat vanilla latte with whip and enjoyed every last sip.  Sometimes I can't decide if it's the aroma or the taste I like better.  This sweet, vanilla latte was perfect tonight.  It smelled great, and it tasted even better, but most importantly, I was able to treasure a few moments alone with a latte and God.  The time was short, but the time was the sweetest part of my day.

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