12 October 2006

Fire Drills and Tornado Warnings

Last night was eventful in our household.  It is National Fire Prevention Week, so we've been learning about fire safety each day.  One of our lessons involved doing a home fire drill, which we did after dinner last night.  While we were outside we noticed that the sky looked kind of creepy, but we didn't give it any extensive thought.

10 minutes later, the tornado warning sounded.  Eric sent the kids downstairs to me and I got them in a safe place.  Then I checked weather.com to see if this was really in our area while Eric watched the news.  Well, it was really in our area, or so we were told.  There was very little rain, no hail, and the winds were high but not high enough for a tornado. 

According to the media, the funnel was cited just south of I-270 on Rt 23.  Um..that is our exit to get off the interstate.  It's about a mile from our house.  So, of course we took this seriously.  We sat downstairs on the cold floor for half an hour reading picture books (this really helped with Lukas' Book-it goals).  When the radio station announcer said that the tornado was now in NE Franklin county, we figured we were safe and went about our evening like normal.

Poor Lukas was so scared.  I don't know what he has heard about tornadoes, but he was definitely frightened.  The odd thing is that I wasn't scared at all, and I am generally terrified of tornadoes due to having lived through two of them at two seperate campgrounds in two different states as a child.

Anyway...all is well in Franklin County in my opinion.  There was damage to property, but no one was hurt, so I would say that we all fared just fine!

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