14 October 2006

A Day on the Farm

Every fall since Lukas was two, we have ventured to a local pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkin.  This year is no different, and we managed to find our favorite pumpkin farm yet!  Circle S Farms had so many things for all of us to enjoy. 

Lukas' favorite part of the day was playing in the Hay Barn.  It was filled with piles and piles of straw (I don't know why they didn't call it the Straw Barn) and had two slides that the kids could sail down and land into a pit of straw.  They loved this!  All of the adults in the barn were focusing on staying upright because every now and then in the midst of straw, your foot would find the place where two bales of straw met.  It is a good thing that straw is soft because if it wasn't, we'd have some sore rear ends.  

Ava's favorite part of the day was  mini-maze of straw bales with little rooms all over the place.  They designed this perfectly so that the kids could tunnel through the straw safely and the parents could just stand and watch them doing so.  We had to bribe both kids out of this maze with doughnuts and cider.

We also enjoyed searching for pumpkins, a hay ride, petting zoo, and more during our visit to the farm.  At the end of the day, the kids were completely exhausted.  So now I must dash off to do family devotions and tuck them into bed for the night.  Enjoy our new smilebox of photos of our day at the farm!  Just click on the link below, and it should take you to a slide show of photos!

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