28 October 2006


We took the plunge.  We carved pumpkins.  After many years of researching and debating how to handle Halloween, we decided to just have fun with it.  We don't "celebrate" Halloween.  We're not passing out candy, but our kids are going to a trunk or treat event at a local church where they will be dressed as Mr. Incredible and a ladybug (or maybe a princess, she still hasn't decided). 

My kids love to dress up, and they know all about Halloween even though they are homeschooled.  This is the first year that Lukas has really started to ask questions about it, so we have started to explain to him that Halloween was originally a very evil day when people were afraid of things.  Basic definition.  Too much detail would go to waste here since he is only 5.    So we explained that we dress up for fun to get candy and play games, but we don't do any of the scary things that go along with the season.

So back to carving pumpkins...it was so much fun.  We decided that tonight was the night because our poor kiddos had to miss a birthday party at the local skating rink due to stomach bugs.   Ava was starting to feel better, and Lukas wasn't sick yet, so we squeezed the pumpkin carving in just in time (since Lukas is sick now).

I remember carving pumpkins when I was a kid, but for some reason, it truly seemed like more fun to me now that I'm an adult.  Who knows why?  The kids loved it too, even though they really, really wanted to handle the knife and weren't allowed (of course they weren't).  Here is a smilebox of photos of our pumpkin carving adventure.  Enjoy!

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