07 October 2006

Two Terrific Kiddos

A trip to my sister's house for my brother-in-law's birthday party gave Eric and I some time to talk this evening.  We were reflecting on how great our kids are.  We could not be more proud of them.  It seems that we are sharing about our mishaps with them more than their successes, so today I thought I would tell you that we are nothing but proud of them.

Lukas is doing extremely well in school.  He starts the school day with vigor and works hard to get as much accomplished as he can.  Of course, he needs a break now and then, but don't we all need breaks?  He is reading incredibly well, and we are so proud of him for that.  His favorite parts of the school day are science and math experiments and cooking projects.  He's definitely a hands-on kid, but he manages to do quite well with the pencil and paper as well.  He is such a blessing to us, and we love to tell everyone how great he is doing.

Ava is also doing very well right now as well.  It may seem to some like it's of lesser importance, but potty-training is a key thing for a two year old to learn.  She is officially a potty-trained girl!  Yesterday, she got to buy a pack of Dora the Explorer undies, and she could not be more thrilled!  They are super-cute too.  The only problem is that her diaper was truly helping her pants stay up, and now they are falling down more than ever!  LOL  I guess I need to learn how to sew so that she can have some pants that fit her little bum!

Our kids bring so much joy to us.  Lukas is truly a caring child, and that is worth bragging about more than academics any day.  Ava is as sweet as pie and so sensitive.  How could we possibly be more blessed than this?  That is what I need to remind myself on the tough days, or the days when I ask for even more.  God has blessed us so much with two beautiful children.  For that, I am eternally grateful.

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