15 November 2006

An Ordinary Great Day

Today was a great day.  There was nothing special about the day, nothing out of the ordinary, but it was great.  Maybe that's what made it great.  I don't know really, but I am feeling content and blessed this evening.

School went well today.  Lukas accomplished his written work before naptime, and then we did some reading and crafting after nap.  We have been studying the first Thanksgiving this week.  Today we read a story about Squanto teaching the Pilgrims to plant and fertilize corn, so we made Indian headdresses.  I know, I know!  Squanto did not wear feathers on his head, but the kids look so darn cute in them that I just couldn't resist the idea of making them and taking their pictures.  Plus, they are loving them! (Cass...if you're reading this, we made one for Zack to wear at Thanksgiving since he'll be here too).

Ava had fun during school time today as well.  She wanted to do the same thing Lukas was doing, so I gave her some construction paper and let her use her safety scissors while he was working on cutting and gluing in one of his workbooks.  She ended up drawing maticulous leaves and golden ears of corn, cut them out, and then glued them onto another piece of paper.  Okay...so she scribbled on paper, told me it was leaves and corn, I cut them out, and she glued them.  I know I had you going there, didn't I?

This evening I took Lukas to get a haircut.  While we were there, Ava talked the ear off another customer who was getting a perm.  It was hilarious!  She went from one topic to the next with ease, and the woman, who was probably a grandmother, was loving every minute of it even though she had no idea what Ava was talking about most of the time.  Ava is definitely a talker like her Daddy!

I also did a little Christmas shopping.  In fact, all I have left to buy for Ava is a few stocking stuffers.  I found the My First LeapPad at Big Lots for $20, and it's the pink one that was discontinued.  She's going to love it!  Plus, they had books to go with it for $5 a piece, so I got one for her and one for Lukas' LeapPad that we'll be buying this weekend and putting away until Christmas.  The best part of that was that the book I bought for Lukas is by Zonderkidz!  It's all Bible stories made for LeapPad!  Can you believe that?  I have never seen it before, and I was thrilled when I found it.  It says it's first grade level, but I figure it's okay if it's a little challenging for now.  It was $5 and it's Bible stories.  There was no choice buy to buy it.   (Well, I could have chosen not to buy it, but we were planning to buy him a second book to go with the LeapPad anyway).

We also went to Dollar Tree while we were out to buy items for Operation Christmas Child.  Go here http://www.samaritanspurse.org/ to learn all about it.  They are collecting shoe boxes this week.  This is a great project to teach your kids about giving.  Lukas had a blast picking out items for his box.  Ava didn't quite get it this year, but I know she will.  I highly reccomend this project!

The only downer in our day is the rain.  It has been absolutley pouring all day.  We got wet even with our coats, hats, and umbrella, but we survived.  My only thought concerning the rain has been that if it were only 15 degrees cooler, it would be snow!  Wouldn't that be beautiful!  It's been raining for at least 8 hours straight at this point.  That would be a ton of snow for a November storm!  Oh well, maybe next month!

So you can see, it was an ordinary day, but for some reason, it feels like it was a great day.  Maybe it was the Christmas shopping.  Or maybe it was God reminding me of how blessed I am just to have the life that I have.  Maybe it was a little of both.

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