12 November 2006


I'm home with my family again.  Our reunion was sweet, but the time while I was away was also sweet.  I am so glad that my wonderful husband allowed me to take this weekend away alone.  The time was well-spent.  I feel spiritually, emotionally, and mentally refreshed. 

I had the opportunity to go to dinner and a movie with my sister and some of her girlfriends on Friday evening.  When my sis realized that I was coming that direction, she invited me to come along, and I am so glad that she did.  Her friends are a fabulous group of Godly women who know how to have a good time.  It was just what I needed to start out my weekend.  We saw Will Ferrill's new movie, Stranger than Fiction.  This is generally not my kind of movie, but I have to say that I loved it.  It was a lot of fun to see, plus I was there with my sister, which is a very special privilege since I've lived so far away for so long.  It was a true blessing!

On Saturday, I started my morning slowly.  Afterall, there was no one jumping on my bed to awaken me from my precious slumber.  I took full advantage of that fact!  I spent the afternoon at my friend Sarah's house scrapbooking, which is always fulfilling for me.  I got tons of photos sorted and six pages completed in Ava's album.  Woo hoo!  More importantly, I had a great time visiting with Sarah, who is one of my oldest friends, and got to meet some of her newer friends.  It was a sweet, sweet day for me.

Last night it was just me and God.  I did a lot of journaling and some reading.  I did some more of this today.  I listened to worship music and danced and sang and cried.  It was wonderful.  Tears and music are the best way to cleanse my soul.

The past few years have been difficult years for me.  At times I felt very alone, and it seemed as if God had abandoned me.  When I hear the Barlow Girls song, Never Alone, I can relate to every word they say.  I have been in that place, and I often wondered if I would ever get back to the place where I knew He was with me again.  I can't describe in words the emptyness that I felt for months and months on end.  Everything I did was mundane routine, and I just kept waiting for God to be there with me...even though I knew that He said He would never leave me or forsake me. 

I know that He was with me, but it didn't feel like it.  I still don't fully understand why, but I am glad that He is here now.  I am glad to know that I will never be alone. 

This weekend was about reconnecting with my Savior.  My Friend.  My Daddy.  My Peace.  My Joy.  My Love.

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