30 November 2006


My kids are so much fun.  Every single night when we get ready for family devotions, Eric and I can tell you with certainty several things that will happen.  After my kids listen to the Bible story and say a short prayer, one of them will shout that it's time for singing.  Then, they will argue over who picks the first song, which doesn't make sense because we make them take turns anyway. 

If Ava's song is first, it is ALWAYS "Jump!  Jump!" as she calls it, "Jump Into the Light" is what it is really called.  Whatever it is called, it doesn't matter.  She loves this song, and we have been singing it every single night for at least six months!

After we sing Ava's song, Lukas will ask us to sing his favorite song, which is "Trust and Obey."  We've been singing this song to him since he was a baby, but in the past year or so, it has become his favorite to sing at bedtime.  Both of our kids know the words to both songs and happily sing along, and that time is so precious to us.  I love to hear their sweet little voices singing, especially when they are praising God!

On another note...Lukas had his 5 year old check-up today.  What did we find out from this?  Well, he can see well, hear well, communicate well, knows his address but not his phone number (my fault, not his), and he's going to be tall.  DUH.  Yes, the son of a 6 ft 2 Daddy and a 5 ft 7 Mommy is going to be tall.   His doctor was supportive of our decision to homeschool, especially when she asked if Lukas knew all of his letters and was told that he could read (okay, so I'm bragging a little here). 

I'll leave out the gory details of Ava and I having a stomach bug the past two days.  We are on the mend.  Actually, Ava has bounced back quite well, but I'm still dragging a bit.  We had our first "sick days" of the school year yesterday and today, and Lukas wasn't even sick!  We'll make up for it though, and it won't be a problem at all.  This is the only downside of homeschool that I have found so far, there is no substitute teacher to make fun of.  

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