02 December 2006


We made a paper chain tonight to count down the days until Christmas, and we'll be doing lots of special things throughout the month to celebrate the Christmas season and to help the kids learn about and focus on the reason we celebrate rather than the many (too many) gifts they'll be receiving in a few weeks.  In case you're wondering why we did this on Dec. 2nd, it's because we didn't have any power for almost 8 hours yesterday.

I could leave you hanging here and let you think that I've completely mis-spelled the title of this entry to the point that you have no idea what it says, but I won' t do that.  When Ava finished her half of the paper chain, she started making it crawl across the table and said, "It's a patterkiller," (caterpillar).  This is one of my favorite Ava words.  My other favorite is firecracker, which is what she calls the chiropractor.  Too cute to not write down.  If I write it in my blog, then I'll hopefully remember to transfer it to her baby book!

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