17 November 2006

Scarlet and Gray

There is one thing that you can't help but notice when you live in Columbus.  Everybody loves the Buckeyes.  Everywhere you go in this city, you will find someone wearing a Buckeyes shirt, hat, sweater, etc...  It's inevitable.  I've never seen a city with so much team spirit.  I noticed this as soon as we moved here last spring, but now that the big game is upon us, I am astounded at the amount of scarlet and gray that is present in this city at this time.

Everywhere you look, people are wearing OSU's signature colors.  Red hats, red sweatshirts, red t-shirts, red pants, red flip-flops, pajamas, red cars with gray stripes, posters, flags, etc...It's everywhere. 

I'm not the biggest sports fan around, but you can bet that I'll be joining in the fun tomorrow.  This family knows who to root for.  We'll all be sporting our scarlet and gray for the day, and Ava will even be wearing a cute little Ohio State cheerleading uniform.

Woo hoo!  Go Bucks!

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