19 November 2006

NO Napping!

My children are not napping.  Grrr...  This wouldn't be too much of an issue if it weren't for the several days of no napping that have been strung together.  No naps on Thursday due to our portrait fiasco.  No naps on Friday due to a doctor's appointment.  No nap yesterday because of the big game (Woo hoo!  Go Bucks!).  And now, no naps today due to STUBBORNESS.

I know that Lukas is probably just fine without a nap.  He is 5 and most 5 year olds don't nap, but AVA needs a nap.  She needs to sleep or she turns into a different child.  If she misses her nap, a little blonde rascal appears in our house around 4 or 5 o-clock, and she hangs around until bedtime.  She disobeys everything we say.  She pushes every limit.  She doesn't eat her dinner, and then she complains that she is hungry at bedtime.  She runs around, jumps around, and moves constantly for several hours because if she stops, then she will collapse and fall asleep.

Making this problem even worse is that she hasn't had a good nap since Wednesday, and she has not been making up for it at night.  So, the the little blonde rascal has actually been with us since we picked her up from the nursery at church, and now she's not napping again!

Oh wait...wait!  The incoming report from Eric is that she FINALLY dozed off.  She's been in bed for nearly an hour and a half, and she just went to sleep.  We may just have a good evening yet!  Shoo!

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