11 November 2006

Special Needs and Homeschooling

I just read a comment left on a recent post by a friend.  Her name is Stacy, and she has asked me to mention her in my blog today.  I don't know if anyone other than a few of my dear friends is really reading my blog, but I am hoping that there might be someone out there who can help her.

Stacy has a little girl who is in kindergarten and has some special needs.  Right now her little one is in public school, but her parents are in the process of trying to decide if this is the best place for her to thrive.  If anyone has any experience homeschooling a special needs child, please post a comment on my blog that will enable me to put Stacy in contact with you.  I know that she would appreciate any words of wisdom that you can offer.  If you aren't comfortable leaving a comment, then you are welcome to e-mail me instead.

Thanks fellow home educators! 

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