12 December 2006

Ava's Triumph

I am hear tonight to share a story that made me laugh out loud.  We had company this evening.  The Pratts, our pastor and family, were here for dinner.  Their kids were playing with our kids upstairs all evening, and they always get along together very well.  Tonight was no different.  They were playing together so well that we adults enjoyed quiet conversation over a game of euchre. That's right.  We got to play euchre.  Woo hoo!  More importantly, we got to entertain tonight, which is something we did very little of in PA.  It felt very much like our once very normal life that we lived in NY.  Dinner and a game of cards with friends is a blessing we will always cherish, even more now that we did without it for so long.

Anyway...back to the funny story.

In the midst of our quiet game of cards, we suddenly heard screams and crying coming from upstairs.  I ran upstairs to find Lukas inside Ava's toy box with Ava triumphantly perched on top of the toy box with a HUGE grin on her face.  Yep.  She got her brother, and she got him good.

I have to admit that while my first instinct was indeed to rescue my upset child from the toybox and comfort him, my second instinct was to laugh uncontrollably.  I managed to carry Ava down the stairs and put her in time out without breaking into uproarious laughter.  However, I did not explain to her why she was in time out (as if she didn't already know), and I could not explain to the other three adults what had happened.  If I had spoken in that moment, I know the only thing that would have come out of my mouth would have been uncontrollable laughter.

After the Pratts left for the night, I sat both kids down and had a chat about safe hiding places.  The toy box is safe, but not a good idea.  More importantly, the antique cedar chest in my bedroom is completely unsafe.  They know my bedroom is off-limits for playing, but it still scares me knowing that they have this new idea to hide inside things like toy boxes.   It's not a big jump of the imagination to go from a toy box to a cedar chest.  So, if anyone knows how I can get a new key to a Lane cedar chest that is nearly 100 years old, I'd love to have that info!

I wish you could have seen the look on Ava's face when I found her on top of the toy box.  She was beaming with delight, mischief, and triumph all at the same time.  I wonder what she'll do the next time...

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